Monday, October 22, 2012

Holidays, Fatigue, Movember and Duckling Rescues...

Well it has been a while since our last post and so may things have been happening. To fill you in on the gaps July was a month that provided me with the opportunity to travel and experience a few things I’ve been looking forward to since I was about 10 years old. Six weeks of travelling through Mexico, Belize and Guatemala comfortably scheduled between some time in California and Florida proved to be the recharge that my batteries needed. I’m working on an account of these travels which I have given the title of “Raiders of the Lost Shaker of Salt” which has its roots in a number of associated areas for me (more info to come in future posts).

A pretty big addition for us is that we have got our YouTube channel up and running with the first five in a series of who knows how many “Fatigue Management” videos. The first cluster of videos are focusing on understanding fatigue and the requirements for managing fatigue from a Driver’s perspective. As the series develops we will look at some of the more specific compliance related aspects that Drivers, Fleet Controllers, Allocators, Consignors, etc. need to be aware of to support their obligations in the Chain of Responsibility as parties in the supply chain.

Discussions with our Trainers and Assessors has also provided inspiration for a number of other projects that we hope will support Learner’s development and experience by providing the sometimes needed boost to help clarify or contextualise some often unclear topics we often receive questions about.

From a community perspective, some of our people are signed up and ready to go in this year’s Movember to raise awareness and funds in support of men’s health. More information about this worthwhile initiative can be found on the official Movember site.

And what would any blog be without closing on a heart warming animal story? Late last week at the Border Express Albury branch a group of caring individuals rapidly sprung into action when the chirping of ducklings was heard coming from the sump near the site’s bowsers. Braving spiders and trucks the now famous Border Express Animal Rescue team scooped up five of the seven ducklings using the best tools they could get their hands on in such short notice. Mother duck and her more fortunate other two ducklings were searching high and low for the missing five. After some strenuous efforts and contacting the local animal welfare department they were reunited at Brown’s Lagoon where they swam off together into the distance the way all happy stories should end.

Heath, Jayde, Tim and Kristy braving the depths to rescue the five stray ducklings.

Although they were distressed, they were comfortable in a dry box waiting for their siblings.

You can't tell me this isn't a cute picture.

Last one finally scooped up from the depths.

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